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How to Watch TV Internet - The New Revolution
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Publish-date-icon September 16, 2012
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The web is different the way we work, shop, book travel, and spend our spare time. Now, it is also changing the way we watch TV Internet through the use of Internet TV.

Television Sales Dropping - Americans Are Cutting The Cord - Discontinuing Cable TV
• "For the first time in Two decades, the number of homes in the usa with tv sets has dropped,” (NYTimes Brian Stelter "Ownership Of TV Sets Falls in U.S” 5/3/11).
• “One of the causes of the decline,” according to Nielsen Ratings as quoted by Stelter, “is technological wizardry: young people, who've developed with laptops in their hands rather than controllers, are opting not to buy Televisions once they finish college or enter the work force…. instead, they're subsisting on a diet of tv shows and movies from the web.”
• “Tech-savvy Americans who once lived in a household with a television, but no longer do… they are cord-cutters - a term that describes individuals who end payment for cable television…’ says McDonough of Nielsen Ratings.”

During 2011, There's been A 43% Rise in Watching Videos For Americans
• “Television is in trouble. Americans streamed 43.5 billion videos in December 2011, up 44% since December 2010, based on comScore’s 2012 US Digital Future In Focus report released today. The study also demonstrated that 105.A million Americans now watch videos online every day, up 43% from 73.7 million in 2010.” (John Constine, 2/9/12, Techcrunch.com).

People Are Watching television With the Internet… Could they be Likely to Continue To Watch TV Online?
This year, based on eMarketer.com, 33% of US adult Online users watch full-length TV shows on the internet and that number is expected to grow beyond 39% by 2012.

Internet TV - What's Internet TV?
Internet TV is TV which comes through the Internet instead of through cable tv, satellite television, or even the airwaves (antennae). No more cable TV, satellite television, or antennas.


Online TV - So how exactly does Online TV Work?
Utilizing a PC or Mac computer you can view TV from your laptop or desktop computer anytime or all over the world or connect your pc straight to your Television set to watch it on your giant screen TV at home.

Why Are Watching people Internet TV?
* More channels - over 3,500 channels from the U.S. and 98 other countries worldwide.
* Cut costs - no monthly cable TV bills or monthly satellite television bills.
* Convenience - watch television anywhere a web connection can be obtained.
* Easy - no hardware installation needed.


Could it be Free?
It can be free should you surf the Internet looking for websites that offer movies, news, sports, and TV shows online. Or, you are able to download software that compiles all that into one convenient location while allowing you to bookmark your favorite Television channels.

What Can I Watch Online?
Based upon the website or software package, around 3,500 channels from the U.S. and around the world, including the U.S. network for example NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, ESPN, can be seen online. This includes news from around the globe, preferred Television shows, and live sports for example football, baseball, soccer, golf, tennis, bowling, poker, and even sports for example table tennis.

Internet TV or online TV may be the latest impact the Internet has on the world. Not only are we able to watch local television broadcasts and nationwide broadcasts, however we can watch television Internet from around the world, over 100 countries with some software packages. TV watchers are earning the switch from cable TV and satellite television to Internet TV. http://www.howtowatchtvinternet.com/

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